10 Hilarious Comedy Shows You've Never Heard Of (Probably...)

Right, I think 7 months is too long to not have a blog update, so I'm getting this in now... I will try harder in the future, I promise!

Here We Go:

Of these TV shows, the first 5 are US, the second 5 are UK, so depending on where you live, you're more or less likely to have seen these. but they're all excellent and reasonably obscure as far as i know, so look them up if you're a comedy connoisseur and want some good laughter-times! PS these are almost all X-rated shows, only really Happy Endings that's primetime friendly (I think).

Louie - Fairly new show from amazing comedian Louis CK; gritty, bleak, and insanely funny. Second season has just started airing.

Archer - Adult animation about the best/worst secret agent ever. Takes a while to get used to hearing H. Jon Benjamin's voice coming from a suave spy instead of from the mouth of the title character in Bob's Burgers, though that adds to a lot of the humour.

Party Down - Just a nice simple show about a catering company. Cancelled after 2 seasons coz Jane Lynch left for Glee and Adam Scott left for Parks & Recreation, but I was sad to see it go.

Happy Endings - New US show with Elisha Cuthbert, on ABC so probably gunna be big very soon worldwide, but not yet! Starts airing on E4 in the UK in september. Really stylish sitcom, no laugh track needed...

Testees - Show about 2 professional medical-testing subjects, who invariably end up suffering from unpredictably ridiculous side-effects. Deserved a second season, but was axed after one.

Time Trumpet - Probably the cleverest show I've ever seen; in 2006, Armando Iannucci managed to set a show 30 years in the future and to satirise events 5 years in the future (a future which has now happened, with many of the joke predictions coming true...)

Nathan Barley - Chris Morris is a legend, and this is some of his finest work; razor sharp satire of new media culture, basically about idiots who think they're cool.

Bromwell High - Basically the UK's answer to South Park... just as funny, but cancelled after 13 episodes.

Campus - A one-off show from a few years back that was commissioned into a series earlier this year on Channel 4. From the makers of Green Wing, it's kind of like The Office except way more surreal.

Dead Set - only one series, only five episodes, Charlie Brooker's tale of a zombie apocalypse from the point of view of the Big Brother house. Genius.

The first 3 of these shows are on FX, which i'd never heard of until I started watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (another awesome show, but you've heard of that one right?!) I imagine at some point the big UK networks will catch on and start syndicating all that stuff, but for now it's only on FXUK, which apparently is on Sky.

OK comedy fans, enjoy!