Self-Doubt, Hope, etc.

Aw guys,

Do you ever lose faith in the music industry? Even in music itself?


1. As a producer, I think I can see the potential in any song, no matter how bad it sounds at that moment. Because of course every song is written by a human and must be inspired by some emotion somewhere along the line... it's usually just technical issues or lack of experience that stop a song living up to it's potential.

I truly believe that, and by that logic it means that there is no such thing as a bad song, only bad production. Which stresses me out, because everything I hear by amateur bands, I wish I could produce. But of course there isn't enough time in the world. And also I start thinking if I don't know what a good song is, maybe I'm not a good producer at all! Maybe I should give up?

Consider this - people like familiarity. How many times have you heard a song on the radio and thought "that's not very good", then a week later when you've heard it 5-10 more times, you'll find yourself singing along to it. Maybe you'll even buy it. So is that a good song? Who knows? But there's not many songs I can remember hearing for the very first time and loving straight away. (Recent exceptions: Polarsets-"Leave Argentina", James Blake-"Limit To Your Love", Jónsi-"Go Do")

2. Of the bands that DO have great production and great songs, only a small percentage get the recognition they deserve. This seems to be based mainly on luck. Although if you have money, it helps. Which is in a whole different realm of unfair. C'est la vie...

3. A good song can be good in any genre, so as an artist who likes almost all genres equally, how do I commit to just one for potentially the rest of my career? I flit between ideas at such a rate that I get bored doing the same thing for more than a day most of the time. I go through long periods of doubting myself and my music, thinking maybe I should change it all to a different genre.

4. I spend a lot of time wishing I had time to make and promote multiple projects at once. That's the thing to add to the list: Promotion. I hate the importance of promotion.

As an unsigned artist, without promoting your stuff through every available channel, you have virtually no chance of getting anywhere. But there's so many channels of promotion via the internet that it's hard to even keep track of. You could spend literally ever waking hour on it, at still not be guaranteed that it would lead to anything.

To sum up:

Basically all you need for success in the entertainment industry is MASS EXPOSURE and a minimal amount of talent. Nothing else matters. Which seems to take the magic out of it.

And basically the only to get mass exposure is with luck or money, whether it's your or the record label's. It's really not just a case of hard work any more.

So here's to hoping.