R&B Production Clichés

Ok, so track tagging is getting out of hand... the last Jason Derulo single had 3 whole, seperate tags at the start! ("Jason Derulo", "Beluga Heights", "J J J J JR", ridiculous) And it's the same on the first five or so track of his album.

It's such a massive cop-out, like they're just admitting that their music is so generic that no-one would ever recognise it if it didn't say their names at the start.

What happened to having a unique voice/sound/production style so people will instantly know who did it? The weird thing is, it's actually HARD to be THAT GENERIC. They must try. They must have a checklist of triteness to cram into every track.

But still, they're the rich and famous ones, so you gotta respect that, I guess - they must know how the business works. And I suppose technically it's not selling out if that's the style you were always going for. Plus, I do actually like the songs, so...

Anyway, here's a list of R&B-pop production clichés I would like all producers to avoid from now on ;)

- Decending-pitch snare runs at the end of any/every section

- Sub drop/long 808 into every quiet section

- Pitch shifting down low just before a chorus

- Full auto-tune on every line (use the graph mode if you can't sing in tune ... like me)

- Boring piano arpeggio intros (!!!)

- Piano ballads that are over 4:15 long

- Using the old 1 5 6 4 chord progression on more than two tracks per album (or 6 4 1 5)

- Verses written with big gaps in the lines just so you can delay the last word loads (too much)

- Having the phrase "808" in the lyrics ("909" is fine though, so far)

- Having the word "shorty" more than once per song, never again in the chorus please (IYAZ pulled it off, but Sean Kingston has spoiled it for everyone. Unsurprisingly. Seriously, is he famous just as a practical joke on the global public?)

And by the way, if you want a surefire hit, refer to this as a to-do list. Also, try to make the rhymes so obvious that a toddler can always guess the next line.

Rant over. Now go make some awesome tunes, eh?