Youtube Covers!

Right, so you may have noticed over the last week or so I've been posting acoustic cover songs to youtube, and you might think the song choices have been pretty odd (JLS, ke$ha, etc!!), but for anyone who hasn't realised why, here's the strategy behind it:

Whenever a single is popular, loads of people upload videos to youtube of themselves playing it in their bedroom or whatever. Even though most of these covers are lacklustre (to be polite), they often get thousands of plays, just because people like the song. Obviously more plays on youtube equates to more clicks on your link, and therefore more exposure for your own music, and as a bonus, more money earned from your GoogleAds (like the ones on here!)

However, until you build up a decent youtube fan base in the form of channel subscribers and friends, not many people will hear about your video, and if there are many covers of that song then yours will be bottom of the list. Hence what I've been doing is covering singles that are due for release soon, so that my video is the first cover on youtube. Also, posting the cover as a video response to an official version of the song with many thousands of plays helps drive traffic to your video, and optimising the keywords so your vid is top of the list helps too (google how to do that).

Another benefit is that, since YT is one of the most popular websites in the world, Google bots crawl the site many times per day, so you can get high up google's search pages in a matter of hours if you know what you're doing (see my previous post on this, three posts down).

They say the only way to be a lasting success on youtube is to consistently upload quality content, so hopefully is I keep following this strategy, by the end of the year maybe I'll be getting thousands of hits per day.

If you wanna see an example of how well this strategy can work, check out Boyce Avenue; their covers are class and they just got signed from it after millions of views, even though their own songs are generic soft rock rather than the cool R&B/pop covers they do.

So that's one small tip for getting exposure for your own music (even though it is a lot of hard work). Hope it's useful.

And please check out my covers, and eventually my original songs at www.youtube.com/SongsByGROVER, and don't forget to subscribe, comment and rate them if you like 'em.

Cheers chappies!