Damn, what the hell is with the font size on this blog? It seems to randomly change from post to post, even though I always set it the same. I'm trying to fix this, but I really don't understand it!

Anyway, still not much happening, so nothing really to say. Boo me!! Although I realised in a few weeks I'll have loads of free time coz all my uni projects will be handed in, so I might actually do something then :)

Also, my laptop is gunna break soon I think - the fan makes mental noise sometimes and it's overheating and shutting down and stuff. I used a vacuum on the fan to clear some dust out, which seemed to work though. I've had it for 3.5 years, so technically I could demand a partial refund/replacement from PC World according to UK consumer law and statutory rights, etc, but of course I can't find the receipt ...

I've been listening to loads of classical music this week, and it's inspired me to make some hip-hop beats from samples of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Orff, Allegri, etc. They're gunna be well fat, epic beats. When I've done I'll have to find some rappers on myspace or something to work on the tracks - I can't rap cuz I "ain't gots no swagga"! But hell, maybe I'll be the next Timbaland, haha.

I keep promising to make all this music, but you haven't seen any proof yet, so I could understand if you might doubt this. But of all the promises I make, the ones about music are the ones I'm most like to keep. I don't think I could ever get bored of making music. Sometimes I listen to the same 4 bars of solo drums on repeat for an hour, just trying to get the kick to sound right, & I fucking love it.

Haha, sorry bout the swearing!!

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