Well, at some point I'm gunna have to stop making excuses and start actually advertising my stuff the hard way - by joining loads of forums and blog communities and stuff and subtly advertising (not spamming!) while adding useful comments and becoming a "valued member of the community". That and youtube. I'll keep you updated when I bother to do this.

But alas, I have bitch-loads of uni work to do before Easter and then more after. So this is gunna be on the back burner at least until June. Wow, as I just typed "June", I realised that's half the year gone before I can commit to anything. There's no chance I'll succeed like that - I'm gunna have to solve this big problem with some deep thought...

And yes, I made £0.01 from pageviews on AdSense (actually $0.01, but I'm rounding up). Whoopee.

BTW, is anyone else having a problem with rapidshare.com not loading pages most of the time. It's good for getting files you need if your on a network (like a University one) that blocks BitTorrent ports. But it doesn't seem to be working anymore... :(

There are other sites like this, but they generally don't have a search function (for obvious reasons). However, you can search them by typing stuff into google like this:
"what you want to search for site:http://rapidshare.com/files"
"what you want to search for site:http://www.filefactory.com/"

The same goes for searching any other website - It's dead handy to learn all the little google tricks like this one.

I wrote an awesome chorus today. Now I'm going to work on verses to match. More on that later.

In a bit,