OK, so I finally got somewhere this week, and though I still haven't made any money, the Yellow Clothing store is finally how I wanted it (full of T's, mainly!) with links to either UK or USA shop pages. Which means it is at last worth mentioning to all my British friends! Awesome.

I've noticed a lot of established "funny shirt" websites all have the some of the same shirts; I guess they all just rip each other off. I'm gunna try not to rip people off, so everything on my site is my idea. Also, I'm trying to avoid the cheesy pop culture references, or at least mock them ...

By the way, I'm making use of loads of free services/programs so far in this experiment - these are the top 10 free tools that have helped me most:

1. Spreadshirt.net / .com, for selling your own designs on t-shirts, etc.
2. Filezilla FTP client, for uploading to webhosting servers.
3. Inkscape vector graphics program, for drawing logos, or converting photoshop files to screen-printable graphics.
4. .TK domains, for registering free domain names (redirect only).
5. Statcounter.com, for keeping track of visitor-stats to all your websites.
6. Ping-o-matic, for making sure the rest of the internet knows what your up to.
7. Onlywire, for mass social bookmarking (although it's not too reliable).
Google, for making the internet a useful resource, plus AdSense, plus Analytics, plus Gmail, plus this blog(!!!)
Youtube, for getting mass exposure (I haven't actually used it yet for this, but it features highly in the masterplan - more on that sometime in the future).
RMF drum-machine, for letting your own drum samples be triggered by a midi sequencer (music tech jargon!) Actually, this is probably the most useful to me, but the least relevant to this experiment ...

Obviously I was running out a little bit at the end there. Anyway, if your thinking of doing what I'm doing/ trying to do, check these things out - they'll probably help.

On an unrelated issue, my dad challenged to make a modern-sounding 12 bar blues song; I've done the music, and it sounds ace - sort of dancy R&B style, and more importantly NOT cheesy and old-fashioned - so now I just need lyrics and a melody ... keep your ears peeled (!)

In other news, I saw a good vid on youtube showing you how to do a good lower ab workout (with no equipment). The guy talks way too much, but if you're like me and hate doing sit-ups and crunches, these exercises really let you work your stomach without hurting your back or whatever. It sounds like I'm doing an advert here! But seriously, I just thought this might be useful. Maybe one day this blog will be to the point where people will pay me for endorsements, haha :)

Also, I saw
Apocalypse Now and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - both totally amazing. 5 stars. Wow, what short reviews.

It probably seems like I ramble quite a lot, but I just like to tell people about stuff I like (as do most people I think). But I think I'm gunna start trying to write posts on an actual topic as well as updates on my progress, kind of like this one with the useful tools list, only better. Trouble is I can only write about what I know, and that's not much at the moment! Plus ideally it will be relevant. Perhaps ...

Catch you on the flip-side homies,