It's addictive, designing T-shirts. I log into to spreadshirt with one idea, and by the time I've finished making the product, I've thought of 5 more equally good (more or less) ideas. Which is good I guess, coz it means the Yellow Clothing store is filling up nicely with all sorts of wacky/fun/stylish/subversive T's and hoodies. Go on - give the link a click - you might see one that you just have to buy and it then becomes your favourite shirt of your whole life - WOW IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!$&^%*&%$£ HOW HAPPY WOULD THAT MAKE YOU?!?

The other thing is that I don't just think of something "funny" and put it boringly on a T-shirt - I try to make the shirts look cool first, and then you read it and it's funny too (hopefully!)

I realised that at some point I can have some fun recruiting models for the Yellow girls range (obviously I'll model the men's ones myself [wink] ...)

As a bonus feature, here's some "funny" desktop backgrounds I made: [XPbootscreen], [cubase]. For best effects set the task bar to autohide and set the desktop to not show icons. I also recommend ObjectDock, which lets you have a dock like on macs (if you have a windows computer). And here's a tip for getting rid of whatever's on your screen and making it look like your working when your boss comes over: Press the "Print Screen" key while you're using your "work" program, paste into paint or any other graphics program, save the image, then set the image as your desktop background. Now if you're playing internet games or whatever, just press "Windows" + "D" and it should instantly look like you're working. (I'm sure there are mac equivalents for these commands, but I don't have a mac yet, so I dunno ...)

Also, how ridiculous is this t-shirt made by Local Celebrity

As you might have guessed from the general irrelevance of this post, I didn't really do anything this week (other than drawing up blueprints for a bridge with Autocad...) - I'll try harder next week - promise (!)

Over and out,