Ok, so I haven't actually done much this week, coz I've had a load of university work to do, but thanks to google ads I've got off the mark (just!!!). There's quite a few new t-shirts on the Yellow site, and there will be more very soon, but it turns out you can only upload 3 vector graphic files on spreadshirt.com until you sell 10 shirts, hence most of the current designs are just text based (but still awesome!)

Also, I've been getting excited about the prospect of making a Drum-&-Bass-Death-Metal song (just to see if I can make it work), inspired by the new
Bring Me The Horizon stuff, but I won't actually get chance to do this for a few weeks, again coz of irritating university commitments. I can't wait 'til I graduate ...

In other music news, I've made 14 beats so far for my solo R&B album (including samples of Taking Back Sunday and Metallica!), and I'm writing lyrics and melodies in my head whenever I can (in lectures, walking through town, laying in bed, etc) - I'm aiming to get the album out next year, on iTunes and all that stuff of course. Stay tuned.

If you're eager to hear my music production flair, check out my band,
[bnr.] on myspace - I produced, recorded and mixed all the songs on there.

On an unrelated note, this week I accidentally ate a whole
jalapeƱo, thinking it was a bit of green pepper (coz it was covered in curry sauce) - it hurt me ...

Right, I'm off to the gym,

Stay classy,

Jimmy G