This week I've spent an incredible amount of time wrestling with HTML layouts and FTP clients and all sorts of nonsense that I barely understand, just to try and get this project off the ground.

Also, I've been learning about social bookmarking sites and how they can help increase traffic to this blog and my other sites. It didn't seem like much at first, but adding my pages to digg and many others through onlywire seems to be really giving me those first few page views that I need to get some interest going. If you've got accounts with any of these sites, help me out by submitting my pages to them (via the links down the right hand side, or any other way you can!)

I'm thinking the next important step for me is to get a comprehensive collection of ORIGINAL, and more importantly HILARIOUS, T-SHIRTS on the Yellow Clothing site, so that any time I spend advertising that site is more worthwhile - more designs equals more chance someone browsing will see one they like. I reckon I've got the ideas, and the graphic design flair, but I currently have no idea how to produce vector graphics to the correct printing specifications. I'm sure if I play about with Inkscape long enough it will all become clear!
Oh yeah - also I need to get a Yellow Europe store set up, since me and all my friends are not from America (!)

By the way, if anyone fancies donating some money to me just because, hit up this paypal link: