Yellow Clothing – Check it out, it’s just a good honest funny-t-shirt-website, featuring some of my sparkling witticisms. Tell all your friends!

It just occurred to me that I’m basically typing this to myself, since the site is only launched today, and I haven’t told anyone about it yet. That’s probably what I’ll do next, then.

Ah well, when I get some readers, maybe some of them will look back to this page … [wistful sigh]

- I’ll try not to overdo it, but forgive me for the fact that I will most likely be blowing my own horn often in this blog, probably whenever I make something new. I think it’s just coz I take pride in my work, and hopefully that means it’s of a high enough standard that it is worth your time …

- I apologise in advance for my acute overuse of the ellipsis throughout the future of this blog, and everything else I write. I just think it’s such an expressive punctuation mark; it always seems to capture the tone of what I’m writing when I write it …

- I like the interrobang. Let’s try to bring this into popular usage, yeah‽

Much love,